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 NOTE FROM 2015-7: After a time of absence, we are trying to rebuild this website. About 90% of the website works at this point. Thank you for your patience and please do check back. --Pat

January 29, 2008

Dear Friends,

This website is an open archive of stories, biographies, images, and files related to the China-Burma-India (CBI) theater of war during WWII. Starting with materials collected by the Remembering Shared Honor team, we have already loaded over 5683 images related to the CBI. We hope others will take part:

  • View archived materials (using the BROWSE or SEARCH functions, or the various links)
  • While viewing, use the 'Provide Info' function on each page to send in what you know--a person's name, a place, a time, or other detail--this is your contribution to the future.
  • Contribute stories, images, files, or other information, either through uploading those items directly through this website, or by sending your materials (or scans of your materials) to us, and we will load it onto the website. Note how badly we need your participation—without you there will be a hole in this history.
  • Get involved in one of our projects, for example, by taking part in our project to have at least 100 MIA and KIA biographies from the CBI on this site. These great people have been silent for 60 years, but now you can speak for them.

We have been collecting and recording oral histories from people who served in the China-Burma-India theater (CBI) during the Second World War, whether these people be Chinese or American, or transport workers, pilots, gunners, trainers, engineers, maintenance workers, and others, whether Flying Tigers or infantry or civilian. We hope that other people will believe, like us, in the value of this CBI history, and will join our community. Do you know of a story that should be recorded here? Do you have materials, whether text or photos, that should be shared with everyone? Then join us! 

The Remembering Shared Honor team

Remembering Shared Honor:

Friendship and Gratitude

We rolled into Bronte, Texas—one odd errant American and two journalists from China—unsure of what to expect. We were all a long way from home, but for Mr. SUN Hong, a reporter from the Liuzhou Daily, and Mr. HUANG Xiling, a videographer from the Liuzhou TV Station, the rolling mesquite-covered earth was a world away from the karst mountain country they knew in southern China’s Guangxi Province. Our location in Texas—north of San Antonio and south of Abilene—was a hot and hard place with thin soil and a shortage of rain, yet beautiful, with a brilliant blue sky brimming with small dazzling white clouds evenly spaced across its great open width.

As we made out way down the smaller road towards the modest stone ranch house, white dust swirling high behind our rental car, I was a little worried—how would the family we had come to meet treat us? Even more importantly, how would they feel about my two Chinese companions? And indeed, the results were not to be quite as I had expected... (continue reading)



Feature Entry

This is an absolutely unique image of African-American CBI servicemen at an event. Can anyone shed any light on the background of this image, for example, where this is, what unit, and what event? Click on image to see this entry at full size.

African-American CBIs at a musical event.



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